Mental Painter

This magic app has been developed mainly for MAGICIANS and MENTALISTS, but after reading the instructions almost anyone can perform the trick. If you have any questions or problems, please contact me at benke.smith@gmail.com Have fun performing magic! :-)

You (the Magician) show the spectator 8 cards, with 8 words on each card (64 different words in total). You shuffle the cards face down, and the spectator takes one. They should mentally choose (and remember) a word from the list, one they can visualize and recognise easily. Only the spectator will know the chosen word.

Then you give them a phone or tablet, and show how they can scroll the images (back and forth). They will see 64 greyscale images, which are mixed, so the order is different from the order of the words on the cards. The spectator should scroll the screen and look for the image that represents the mentally chosen word.

When they find the image, they should stare at it and try to mentally paint the image. After a while, the colors will fade in and the chosen image (and only that one) will be shown in nice vivid colors!

You will find detailed instructions inside the app. You will have to print some cards for the performance, there is a how-to guide and also a download link in the User Guide.